Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Star Cake Design

I wanted a dramatic Christmas star cake for a cast party (of a play where the Christmas star played a key role).  I looked for something along the lines of the Daystar -- an 8 point star with a longer tail.  CakeCentral has a template posted that showed how to do that with a sheet cake.  It uses a 12x18 inch sheet cake, which ends up being absolutely huge (about the size of a desk!).  I didn't have that much space so I decided to scale it down.  This is the result...


1.  Bake 2 cakes (I used a yellow cake recipe and increased it by half).  Bake part of the batter in an 8-inch springform round pan, and the rest in a 13x9 inch pan.

2.  Turn out of the pans and cool.  Cut edges on the round cake as seen in the photo, so that you end up with an octagon.

3.  Cut the rectangular cake into the points of the star, as shown below.

You will have leftover pieces.  Basically, cut the long tail of the star along the 13" edge, angling the top down slightly (see the piece at the bottom of the cake).  Cut three large triangles, and four smaller triangles.  These will be the star points.  

4.  Assemble into the Christmas star as shown:

5.  Frost to your preference.  I chose a fluffy white frosting (boiled icing), which gave a nice white meringue finish to the star.  Then I strewed silver balls all over for added effect.

Eat and enjoy!

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