Monday, August 13, 2012

A Director's Chair Cake

For the theatrically-minded, here's a quick cake for your favorite director!

Any self-respecting theatre or film director dreams of sitting in their own director's chair.  I couldn't figure out how to make a 3D chair, so I went with decorating the top of a regular 9x13" pan cake.

I have easy access to blocks of marzipan, so that's what I used.  First, I colored a small amount of marzipan black, and a small amount red.  Then I downloaded a template of a director's chair, cut it out, then used it on top of the marzipan to cut our the chair, megaphone and clapper board, in the appropriate colors (the legs are the natural marzipan beige).  The director's beret I free-formed from the red marzipan.

Next, I took some white writing gel and wrote the director's name on the back of the seat, his initial on the megaphone and filled in the clapper board.  The numbers represent the month and day of his birthday and the age he was turning.

It seemed slightly unfinished, so I decided to outline everything but the clapper board in grey.

Simple, but it worked!

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